Introduction to Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email as a means of conveying a business message to audience. Depending on your marketing needs, you can schedule email campaigns to deliver specific messages to specific audiences at specific times. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, and if done correctly, it can be a very powerful tool for growing your business.


Why You Should Use Email Campaigns?

1. You can choose when the email will be sent, either instantly or at a specific holiday time.

2. There are a variety of email templates to choose from and can be adapted and customized to your product or event.

3. Combine customer segments to reach target customer groups.

4. Use mail to communicate product updates, holiday events, promotional announcements and other exciting news to subscribers.


In the Plexins menu, click on Email Campaigns.

You’ll see an overview of Email Campaigns, which you can edit and personalize. The buttons at the top allow you to create a new campaign.

The list below shows all the email campaigns you've sent in the past, along with Edit Time, Sending time, Sent, OR, and CR. You can also do the following:

Edit: Customize and modify the email activity.

Details: View the details of the email activity.


Types of campaign

Holiday Events: When holidays come, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and many more. You can send holiday-only campaigns to increase revenue at scale with personalized promotions.

New product listing: Timely inform customers about new news about products in your store to attract your customers to check it out. Sending email notifications to your most loyal customers first and giving them exclusive early access is a great way to retain customers and increase conversions.

Abandoned cart: For orders that customers have not completed, send a timely email and insert a link to the payment page in the mail to remind them to complete the payment in time.

Newcomer Welcome: For subscribers who are new to the store, you can send a welcome email with newcomer discounts and exclusive member benefits, along with the store's hot products. It can guide users to make product purchases.

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