Build your lists at scale
Bulid your subscriber list is lifeblood of your text marketing program. It's the frosting on your cake, Plexins helps you easy to build an compliant subscriber list with our multiple opt-in tools.
Build a SMS list that you fully own

With the ever-changing rules and algorithms of social media and paid ads, now is the most important time to invest in owned marketing channels.

Plexins helps you build an SMS subscriber list that’s fully yours - even if you leave. The community and brand loyalty that you foster over SMS is one of the strongest assets that you can build for your brand.

Turn visitors into first-time buyers

Capture phone numbers in desktop and mobile popups customized to your brand. Use a keyword to your brand’s short code or toll-free number to opt-in to your list. Create a landing page with an SMS opt-in form that you can share anywhere—from an Instagram story to an email campaign. With Plexins you’ll find endless ways to catch their attention and pull them into your marketing funnel.

Personalize your customer journey with keywords

Create an unlimited number of sms-to-join keywords to share across all your marketing channels. Use keywords to track opt-ins and revenue generated from different marketing channels or campaigns.

Use data-rich segmentation

You can narrow your subscribers list with our smart segmentation to target your audience as your want.

Now we have provide more than ten thousands segment solutions to Maximize ROI with targeted audience.

More ways to use Plexins
Increase store revenue
Plexins can help store convert more visitors into purchasers with triggers, well-timed promotional campaign, and targeted segmentation.
Improve customer retention
Engage with customers wherever they are Plexins helps you build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience.
Start growing today
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