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Date import function is online!!!
Editor: Plexins Time: 10-24-2022
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Date import function is online!!!

Date import function is online......

Date import introduction page is online, users can follow the operation tips to complete the subscriber import.

Pop-up feature is live
Editor: Plexins Time: 10-24-2022
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Pop-up feature is live

Pop-up feature is live

The pop-up feature is online, users can create pop-ups in plexins and post them to their shopify stores.

Function Use

1. to drive traffic to convert
2. collect subscribers
3. event conversion
4. send discount code (users actively receive discount code)
5. other scenarios: users in the tiktok diversion to the independent station, by editing the content of the pop-up window to attract, telling users to enter their cell phone number, you can receive discount codes. c-side users submit their cell phone number, triggering the user in the plexins set new users to join the event, the system will automatically send the discount code to the diversion of users via SMS, in order to promote more order conversion.



1. Official website update pop-up window online notification
2. The product operation manual updates the content of the pop-up window
3. When using the pop-up window, be sure to set the automation trigger - new user join event

Editor: Plexins Time: 09-16-2022
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9/14 Updates are as follows

1. Marketing list added interface parameter verification, improve the interface documentation 
2. Add interface parameter verification for marketing activities
3. User marketing detection interface parameter verification before submission
4. Customer marketing details interface code optimization
5. Delete user marketing task interface optimization
6. View draft details interface optimization
7. Delete draft interface code optimization  


The above content is mainly to optimize the interface logic of the user marketing service side, part of the original only front-end check items, in the back end of the corresponding check. The interface code logic is optimized. Increased the security and applicability of the app.

Editor: Plexins Time: 09-12-2022
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Merchant side>Info email replaced with hello@plexins.com has been updated online.

Plexins online two-way SMS, specific updates to the following features
Editor: Plexins Time: 09-12-2022
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Plexins online two-way SMS, specific updates to the following features

Plexins online two-way SMS, specific updates to the following features
1. merchant side, new C-side consumer, SMS replystop to achieve SMS unsubscribe function.
2, merchant side, SMS subscription list new field > subscription status (subscribed, unsubscribed, unsubscribed). Add subscription status query conditions.
3. merchant side, SMS subscription list, new view function.
4. Merchant side, automation trigger, new unsubscribe event.
5、Backend, new keyword management mode fast.
6、Backend, SMS price setting>New field>Send type.
7、Backstage, operator management > new field > send type.
8、The system supports two-way SMS service (uplink and downlink).

The above features can provide the following product services for merchants (including but not limited to)
1、SMS sending compliance. (US SMS must be with unsubscribe function)
2、When C-side users reply to unsubscribe, you can set up unsubscribe events in automated marketing,to recover customer churn (this feature is only for scenarios where telecom operators are not involved in unsubscribing)
3、In the merchant side>subscribe users, you can view the user subscription records, view the SMS subscription status

1、Uplink SMS submits billing item by item
2、The current online keywords is only part of the unsubscription-related functions. The complete keywords subscription and unsubscription function will be available in subsequent versions.

Plexins V1.0.2 version update
Editor: Plexins Time: 08-03-2022
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Plexins V1.0.2 version update

Plexins is a Powerful yet simple Automated Marketing platform designed specifically for Direct To Customer (DTC) brand, Help brand Build dedicated Automated marketing strategy with boost more revenue and ROI, Improve customer retention.Engage with customers wherever they are,Plexins helps you build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience. 


This update has the following key features

 $5 experience money for installing Plexins app

New User Rewards campaign for $5

User Segment

Automated Marketing

SMS campaign

Data Dashboard

UTM Settings

Discount Code Setting

Undisturbed Settings

Smart Send Settings

Help Center

Plentiful SMS templates

Subscriber statistics


The above features can help you

● Personalized Automation-Automate personalized communications with drive more sales like abandoned payment New User join, Product Recommended etc.

 ● Segmentation-Use Data-rich segmentation to maximize ROI with targeted audience. 

● Campaign-Schedule future campaigns to engege customers like holiday event,promotion and Prodcut launch.

● Quiet hours-based on your subscribers'timezone which guarantees that all of your clients would not be disturbed from different regions.

● SMS template-plentiful top-performing SMS templates are avbile available.

● Max cost per text message -Optimize your costs and do not send SMS messages above a certain threshold.

● Track Revenue & ROI-Review the performance of your sms messages, sms campaigns, and sms automations. Go beyond click metrics and orders of Conversion Rate to analyze revenue and ROI for your sms marketing program.

● SMS Marketing Compliance-Make your store TCPA compliant through our onboarding,Shopify customers who reply "STOP" at any point will no longer receive your SMS campaigns or automations.

● Powerful global telecommunication service support-high quality SMS with stability,Strict security and privacy.


Plexins SMS Marketing V1.0.1 Pre-Update Log
Editor: plexins Time: 04-12-2022
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Plexins SMS Marketing V1.0.1 Pre-Update Log

Description to Plexins

Who is Plexins? 

Plexins is an application that focuses on E-commece automated marketing services. It could help e-commerce companies improve sales and the efficiency of connecting users


What can Plexins do? 

  • Help e-commerce companies to improve the efficiency of link users and GMV of company.


What are the functions of PlexinsV1.0.1? 

  • Rapidly create precise Users Segment;

  • Select right users to personalized User Marketing;;

  • Automatic  marketing campaign

  • UTM tracking;

  • Support SMS A/B test;;

  • Support insertion of a Discount code/ Variable Code in the SMS, and tracking of the discount code;

  • Support creating a timed campaign;;

  • Support intelligent sending to prevent SMS bombing;

  • Support SMS DND(Do-Not-Disturb)settings for American and Canadian end users. The DND setting time can be set according to the time zone of the user;the time zone of the user;

  • Support TCPA and GDPR Compliance;

  • Abundant, professional and conforming SMS operation templates can be directly used.


What can a user do with Plexins?

  • Acquisition - for example: Create SMS with communication value;

  • Activation - for example: Send awakening SMS to tell them your sincerity so that they can come back to purchase your products;

  • Retention - for example: Through the unique user Segment of Plexins, rapidly screen out important users as critical maintenance objects;

  • Conversion-for example: When a user abandons payment, Plexins can automatically send a recalling SMS for persuading him to stay, so that the conversion rate can be increased.


Expected launch date: JuneJune

Contact us: info@plexins.com

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