$5 Rewards for New User

We have set 4 steps so you can take full advantage of features that can help you become an excellent SMS marketing master! After finishing these 4 steps, you will win our $5 reward to your account!

There are 4 steps in detail as below:

Step 1:

Keep your shop TCPA Compliance

Before sending a message, you must ensure you collect phone numbers promptly. Please update your shop's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to Keep your shop TCPA Compliance; view this article; we will guide you through updating quickly and learning more.

Step 2:

Go through the tranquil setting Undisturbed setting is enabled automatically when you install plexins designed to prevent accidental spamming; you can view that in the Settings/Basic set.

Step 3:

Maximize ROI with a targeted audience. You can create a new segment of personalized subscribers to personalize your marketing strategy.

Step 4:

Set your text marketing on autopilot. Build out automated marketing that triggers by customer actions—like New user joins, abandoned payments, Product Recommended, etc.; you can enable your first automation trigger to boost your revenue. Critical: This campaign's validity period is one month from your first install plexins; please remember to finish the 4 steps in one month, then you will win our $5 reward. Any further questions? We would love to help you out! You can reach our excellent s support team at hello@plexins.com.


This is a staging enviroment