Introduction to Automation trigger

Automation allows you to connect with customers and increase sales through custom text messages triggered by specific customer journey events (e.g., subscribing to texts, abandoning a cart, etc.). Automations run automatically in the background and are a great way to keep customers engaged.

This article will introduce you to all text message automation in the Plexins app and how it will boost your revenue and increase customer engagement.

Why You Should Use Automation
  • Automations run in the background. No create-and-send or future scheduling is necessary.
  • Automations are highly customizable, and you can create automation for several events: New User joins, abandoned payments, Product Recommended, Payment Successful notifications, and more.
  • Automation templates make it easy to spin up a new automation series. Simply edit your message, set your cadence, and you're ready to go.

In the Plexins menu, click on Automation Trigger.

You'll see an overview of automation triggers, which you can edit and personalize.

The buttons at the top allow you to create a new automation.

The list below displays how often automation was sent, the number of link clicks, the revenue generated, and its status.

You can activate and deactivate existing automation by changing its status and taking the following actions:

  • Edit: Customize the automation.
  • Details: View the details of automation.
Types of automation

Here are all the different types of SMS automation you can choose from in the Plexins app:

  • Abandoned payment: It is the most popular automation to boost your triggered when a customer abandons checkout; use this automation to remind shoppers of the item(s) they left behind. Providing discounts or important information about the product to re-engage customers is recommended. And you are suggested to set a delayed sending of 30 minutes to avoid high-frequency messages.
  • A new user joins: Triggered when a customer subscribes to your store; use the automation to welcome a subscriber to your brand and your SMS experience. Also, you can provide a welcome discount code. We recommend using this automation with the delay set to Disabled.
  • Payment Successful: You could set up a new order confirmation automation for customer care when customers purchase an item for the first time to let them know they've successfully placed their order and it has been processed.
  • Cancel order: Triggered when a customer cancels the order to enable the automation to win back customers with an attractive discount or benefit.
  • Last order: Trigger by the customer who has not purchased again within a specific period (such as 30 days,90 days, etc.). You can schedule the automation target segment with our filter before. Automations run automatically in the background and are a great way to keep customers engaged with a customer care or discount code.
  • Product Recommended: It will be triggered when the customer purchases a product/s in one of the collections you have set up. In this case, recommended products you have set up will be upsold to the customer. Providing discounts or essential information about the product to re-engage customers is recommended.


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