How to create Email Campaigns?

Click on the Create button in the Email Campaign menu to begin.


You can set the Campaign name, Send to, and Intelligent send on this page.

1. Enter a campaign name

The first thing you need to do is give your campaign a name. It won't be visible to customers, so just put something short and simple that will help you distinguish this campaign from others in the future. Example: Holiday Campaign

Tip: The name is pre-filled, and you can modify it yourself.

2. Select a type that you start the campaign
3. Set Intelligent sending

You can select to enable intelligent sending or not; we recommend you allow it, then the customer who has received a message will not receive the notification within 16 hours again.

4. Click Continue to Content


On this page, you can set the content of the email, such as the Subject line, Sender name, Sender email address, and Design your email.

1. Enter the Subject Line

You need to enter the subject. Example: Merry Christmas.

2. Enter the Sender's name

The system will automatically get the store name and fill it in; you can modify it.

3. Select Templates

1)Click Select templates; here, plexins have carefully screened some of the most beautiful email templates; you can rest choose and use them.

2)Select a template you like, click to create, and then you can go to the email editing page to browse the email content.

3)Click to replace the page image you want.

4)Similarly, product images also can be replaced.

5)Click to replace the product link to ensure subscribers can click the button to jump directly to the product payment page.

6)Confirm and click Save & Exit

7)While we find a warning prompt on the left, don't worry.

This is because the email template contains a discount code. We have to add the discount code information.

Click Add discount to fill in the specific discount amount.

Tip: In the "Save" option, click Save as Template. Then you can find it in My Templates for subsequent use.

4. Confirm the content of the email

At this point, all the information is filled in; scroll to the right side to check the content of the email. Confirm and click Continue to Review.


On this page, you can send emails. You can choose to send them now or schedule them for later.

1. Set a Time to send

You can choose to send your email at a specific time that you want from the toggle switch, just select the date and type the Time.

Tip: the Time is based on the subscriber's timezone.

2. Click Send

The last step is to Send. The page will display the number of receivers, Price, and Estimated total delivery sent.

Confirm and click Send.

In this way, an email campaign is created successfully

This was our tutorial on how to create an Email campaign in Plexins. Contact our support team at for any feedback or questions.


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