How to Create a Keyword?

Open Collect Subscribers in the left menu bar and click Keyword to go to the keyword setting page.
1: Select a type of keyword to create

There are three types of keywords: Keyword, Opt-in link, and QR Generator. Click the way you want to create it.

2. Enter a task name

The first thing you need to do is give your task a name. Example: Holiday Campaign.

It won't be visible to customers, so just put something short and simple that will help you distinguish this campaign from others in the future.

3. Enter a keyword

You can use " - ", " _ ", letters & numbers to set a keyword that you want customers to send in reply to subscription SMS. Example: merrychristmas.

4. Set SMS subscription sending

You can choose a content template you want.

Important: This section is only available in the form of Opt-in links and QR codes

5. Prepare your message
  • There have 10 templates that you can choose from. Click the templates button to choose that can save your time, and make it easy to spin up a new campaign.
  • You can personalize your campaigns even more by using shortcodes that fetch customer information directly, and remember to set up your discount value.
6. Generate subscription link

Click Generate subscription link. Such a keyword is created successfully. Next, you can copy the link template you want to send to your users.

Tip: You can copy the link directly or copy the quick share template we provide for you.


1. For each kind of keyword, we can create 10 free campaigns!

2. Keywords have thesaurus filtering, and the following five types cannot be used as keywords: opt-out, stop to opt out, stop, unstop, start.

Don't forget to contact us if you have questions or some feedback on this feature. We would really appreciate it!


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