How to Install Plexins in shopify?

Plexins is an Automated Marketing platform explicitly designed for Direct To Customer (DTC) brands, which helps brands Build dedicated Automated marketing strategies to boost revenue and ROI, Improve customer retention.

This post covers how to install the Plexins app in 6 easy steps.

To use Plexins's features, you first need a Shopify store account.

Installing the Plexins App

1. Head to the Shopify App Store page and type "Plexins" in the search bar.
2. From the search results list, click on Plexins
3. Make sure you have logged into your Shopify store account with your store URL.
4. Click on Add app to integrate the app with Shopify.
5. View details on what the Plexins app will have access to, then click on Install app to finalize the installation.
6. Next, you must provide your business email address, country location, and phone number (it will be used for bookkeeping purposes and will remain hidden from customers). Don't forget to read over the ToS and Privacy Policy and check the box you agree with. Finally, click on Connect.

Great job! Follow the steps and start using the app. Clicking on Next Step will lead you to our quick onboarding, where you'll get acquainted with some other features in Plexins.

This was our tutorial on installing the Plexins app in your Shopify store, for more helpful articles like this one. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.


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