Who is Plexins? What can we provide?

Who is Plexins?

Engage with customers wherever they are. Plexins is a Powerful yet simple Automated Marketing platform explicitly designed for Direct To Customer (DTC) brands; it helps brands Build dedicated Automated marketing strategies to boost revenue and ROI and Improve customer retention. Plexins enables you to build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience.

Send the right message to the right persons at the right time. Send campaigns that engage with your audience more thoughtfully with our advanced personalization user segments and top-performing SMS templates. Customers don't want forced connections or targeting from faceless sellers; they want more human connections; with Plexins, there is a new way to grow, and it starts with owning your data and your relationships, then you can understand your audience better to deliver the personalized message with plexins top-performing SMS templates.

What can we provide?
  • Personalized Automation-Automate personalized communications that trigger customers' actions to drive more sales: like abandoned payments, New User join, Product Recommended, etc.
  • Segmentation-Use Data-rich segmentation to maximize ROI and personalize your marketing strategy with a targeted audience.
  • Campaign-Schedule future campaigns to engage customers like holiday events, promotions, and Product launches.
  • Quiet hours are based on your subscribers' timezone, which guarantees that all of your clients would not be disturbed from different regions.
  • SMS template-plentiful top-performing SMS templates are available.
  • Max cost per text message-Optimize your costs and do not send SMS messages above a certain threshold.
  • Track Revenue & ROI-Review the performance of your sms messages, sms campaigns, and sms automation. Go beyond click metrics and orders of Conversion Rate to analyze revenue and ROI for your sms marketing program.
  • SMS Marketing Compliance-Make your store TCPA compliant through our onboarding, Shopify customers who reply "STOP" at any point will no longer receive your SMS campaigns or automation.
  • Powerful global telecommunication service support-high quality SMS with stability, Strict security, and privacy.


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