How to Create a Pop-up?

An appealing, personalized, and engaging pop-up is something all marketers want. It can attract store visitors, increase conversion rates and massively increase SMS subscribers and boost sales. Plexins can give you a wealth of pop-up templates!

Let's see how to build a personalized pop-up from scratch, which you can customize to express your brand concept and tailor to your customers for maximum results.

Step1: Choose an automation name

Open the left menu Subscriber Collection and click on the Pop-up card.

Step 2: Select a pop-up type you want to publish

In the pop-up screen, you can select the template you like to edit.

Step 3: Edit the form

Click the form button for popup content and layout operations. In the form interface, you can define the design: main title, subtitle, form, submit button, comments, images, background color and positioning.

Tips (explanation)

1. The Header Text is the top text box. In this example: “Unlock 20% off your first order.”

2. The Description Text is just below your Header text. In this example: “Sign up for special offers and updates.”

3. In the Form, you can continue to customize the main elements of the popup form here: Choose font, Font style, Text color, Fill and Stroke.

4. Button Fields: You can customize the content of the submit button here. You can change its font, style, color and background color.

5. Compliance: Here, you can customize the mandatory compliance text in the Pop-up——to ensure that your customers explicitly consent to receive your text marketing messages.

You can also add content here that points to a privacy policy, the content of which must meet TCPA & CTIA compliance regulations.

Compliance is the most important thing!!!

6. Images: You can add a brand logo, remove the sample background image and upload your own image. You can also choose the background color.

If used on a computer or cell phone, the background image will be automatically resized.

Inside any of the above sections, you can customize the color of each section, the color of the text and the size of the font.

Step 4: Edit the Success page

After completing the customization of the form design in step one, now proceed to the next step two——the thank you page.

A Success page is what visitors see immediately after subscribing to your text marketing club. Use it to thank your subscribers for their support.
Compared to the previous form, this time, there are significantly fewer customization options: you can change the background image, edit the main subheading or the background color.

We’ve already matched all those with your main message for your ease, but you are free to change them however you like.

Step 5: Edit Floating Button

This function allows you to make the pop-up window dynamic and shrinkable. When you scroll through the page, the pop-up window will become a hover button.

Step 6: Publish

Once you have completed the design of the pop-up, it is time to publish it on your website. To do this, simply click the "Publish" button in the upper right corner.

Then, you will see the following message:

Your final task is to set up the SMS your new subscribers will receive after giving their consent to receive text messages from you.

After the pop-up is published, you still need to go set up the automation trigger - New User Join event!

Here is the process for setting up the automation trigger:

You can also view some detailed analytics about your subscribers on the pop-up page, such as Impressions and Converts.

Don`t forget to contact us if you have questions or some feedback on this feature. We would really appreciate it!


This is a staging enviroment