Introduction to SMS campaign

Campaigns allow you to schedule and send messages to a specific customer segment or your entire customer base. Campaigns differ from automation because they can send to specific audiences, and you control when they send.

A well-planned and executed SMS campaign is a potent marketing tool to boost your ROI.

Why You Should Send Campaigns
  • Use campaigns to tell customers about new products, promotions, special offers, exciting news, and another announcement.
  • You can send campaigns right away or schedule them to send at a later date and time.
  • Reach specific parts of your customer base using customer segments.

In the Plexins menu, click on SMS Campaign.

You’ll see an overview of the SMS Campaign, which you can edit and personalize. The buttons at the top allow you to create a new automation,

The list below displays how many times the campaigns you have sent, the execution time of the Campaigns, and their status. You can activate and deactivate an existing campaign by changing its status and taking the following actions:

  • Edit: Customize the Campaign.
  • Details: View the details of the Campaign.
The types of campaign
  • Holiday event: When the festival is coming, such as the Christmas festival, Memorial Day, Black Friday, etc. You can send a campaign to boost your revenue in scale with personalized promotions.
  • Sales: you can schedule a flash sales campaign for a targeted segment who have purchased like items or are frequent shoppers.
  • Product Launch: Rocket your product launch to retain your customers. Send an sms campaign to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive early access. It is a great way to retain your customer.


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