Increase store revenue
Plexins can help store convert more visitors into purchasers with triggers, well-timed promotional campaign, and targeted segmentation.
Convert high-intent shoppers that drive more sales

Use abondanded payment and cancelled order automations to reach shoppers while they are still in the buying mindset. Provide timely offers tailored to products or important information about product .when they have recently cancelled order or abandanded payment, re-engage them to complete their purchase ASAP.

8.9% Conversion Rate

Average conversion rate on abondanded payment automations

Holiday events with personlized promotions at scale

Target the receivers as you want with our advanced personalization user segments so you can send them messages they actually want to receive—it is ideal to send a campaign with personlized promotions to boost your revenue ,such as the the Chrsitmas festival,Memorial Day, Black Friday, etc.

Strategic sales to drive more revenue

Making it easy to target customers by dedicated segments.such as, when you want to improve a specific product(s)sales, you can schedule a flash sales campaign for a targeted segment who have purchased like-items or are frequent shoppers.

More ways to use Plexins
Build your lists at scale
Bulid your subscriber list is lifeblood of your text marketing program. It's the frosting on your cake, Plexins helps you easy to build an compliant subscriber list with our multiple opt-in tools.
Improve customer retention
Engage with customers wherever they are Plexins helps you build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience.
Start growing today
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