How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns

Introduction to discount

Add discount coupons to your SMS marketing campaign. Increase engagement and earn more revenue.Our editor makes it easy to create new coupons, or reuse existing coupons.When creating a new discount coupon, you can choose the type of discount; a fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping.

In your SMS marketing, you can display the discount's code, value, or URL.


Setting up a discount  

You can easily add discounts in Plexins via the shortcodes at the bottom of every Text Message section. Common discount codes at Plexins are Discount value, Discount code and Discount URL.You will see them whenever you are setting up a campaign.All three discount codes belong to a price rule, which holds the logic for the discount. You can use they in different scenarios:



Each customer's code is different

This means it assigns every customer a different discount code to increase personalization and avoid misuse. When offering a personal discount, you’d need to specify a percentage, fixed amount or free shipping from the drop-down menu. Enter the discount value you want to give your customers and click on Confirm to add it to the message.

If you have a dedicated discount landing page, you can add its address to your discount URL.



Important: You can edit or remove your discount at any time.



Setting up a discount code prefix in Plexins


Plexins allows you to personalize your discount codes, so they match your brand’s identity and truly stand out. You can do so by going to Settings from the menu on the left. Click on the Preferences Settings, enable the Discount code prefix and choose a word that matches your brand.



Congratulations! This was our tutorial on how to add discounts in SMS marketing campaigns in Plexins. You can reach out to our wonderful Support team at for any feedback or questions.  

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