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Leslie Alexander

Leslie Alexander


"From Klaviyo to Plexins, Klaviyo used to cost hundreds of dollars a month. Now it only costs tens of dollars per month, which can bring in thousands of dollars in income and a high return on investment."

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Founder littlelf

"With Plexins, I can send global SMS messages and connect with customers around the globe at the lowest global SMS prices and unlimited contacts; highly recommended!"

Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones

CEO Bilanty Brands

"Great experience with Plexins. With many valuable and easy-to-use features, Plexins provides a wide range of segment solutions to maximize ROI with targeted audiences."

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

CMO Niwealy

“The app is excellent, and their support team is so unique; they always give me a quick response to handle my issue and solve it at the moment."

SMS Marketing​

Rise conversion rates: Easily send targeted messages to customers who abandon their carts.

Engage customers: Use personalized message content with a discount code or promotional offer.

Easy to use: Get accurate results with just a few clicks.

Email Marketing​

Simplify your email marketing with Plexins.

Quickly create personalized campaigns that capture your brand's voice and connect with the audience.

Customize your campaigns to realize your business growth.

Boost the open rates and click rates with Plexins.

User Segment

Based on customer preferences and behaviors, Our segment allows you to create targeted campaigns.

Boost engagement

Drive conversions

Maximizing marketing strategy


Pop up

Quickly gain more subscribers and increase your business's value. With a more extensive subscriber list, your chances of success will rise. Attract and retain more customers with Plexins' Popup Subscription feature. Capture visitors' attention and encourage them to join your newsletter.


Maximize your sales and eliminate abandoned shopping carts with Plexins!

With personalized discount SMS or email sent 30 minutes after customers leave your site, streamline your e-commerce operations.

Create custom automation workflows based on trigger events, actions, time, and client filters to save time and effort.

Try our Flow feature today for an efficient and effective e-commerce experience.

Optimize Your Business Growth

Drive Business Success through Efficient List Building, Revenue Enhancement, and Customer Retention Strategies.

Start growing today

Sign up today and Drive more sales to your store with Plexins.

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