Expand Your Subscriber List

Engage with your customers on their favorite channels and turn them into dedicated subscribers with our easy-to-use and fully customizable tools.


Catch people before they leave your Shopify store. Set these pop-ups to trigger right before someone is about to leave your Shopify store, otherwise known as exit intent. Even a modest 15% discount code can be enough to get someone to sign-up for your SMS list.


Create unlimited sms-to-join keywords to share across all your marketing channels.

Use keywords to track opt-ins and revenue generated from different marketing channels or campaigns.

Opt people in with the click of a link. Our uniquely opt-in links provide an excellent way to grow your SMS marketing list through social media, email, or anywhere you can put a clickable link.

QR codes

Create unique QR codes on banners, pamphlets, at convention halls, or on the products themselves. Customers can scan to opt-in to your SMS list simply.

Suitable Content, Customer, and Trigger Time

Plexins helps you to target your customers with intelligent segmentation and a well-timed campaign.


User Segment

Use data-rich segmentation to personalize your marketing strategy based on their product preferences, shopping behavior, customer attributes, etc.

We have provided over ten thousand segment solutions to filter your targeted subscribers.



Send campaigns that engage with your audience more thoughtfully with our advanced personalization user segments and top-performing SMS templates.

Cut through the marketing noise, Increase conversions with relevant, well-timed product launches, promotions, exciting news, etc.


Automated Tools

Tools: workflow and automated triggers.

Usage scenarios: new user joining, payment abandonment, product recommendation, etc.

For example, by enabling the workflow of abandoned shopping carts, you can quickly develop marketing strategies to re-attract these customers to complete the checkout of products in the shopping cart.

Personalized Email Content

Forget the coding or tedious editing.

Create professional, personalized campaigns within minutes using Plexins’s email marketing features and watch your opens and business grow.

Create beautiful, on-brand campaigns

Create professional and stunning emails in minutes with Plexins templates.

These templates can be easily customized to fit your branding and reused for future events, even if you don't have a designer.

Start growing today

Sign up today and Drive more sales to your store with Plexins.

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